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Blood Sample collection in Amritsar

Blood Sample collection in Amritsar

Before the epidemic, patients would meet their doctors for medical diagnoses. After getting instructions for tests, they would visit a lab for providing those samples for tests and they would give reports on these samples. However, online and on phone, appointments have become the new usual these days. Not only hospitals have reached their diffusion point but each time patients make an onsite visit, it increases their chances of getting infected by corona. Healthcare institutes have changed their conventional methods to include safer procedures for blood sample collection services. At the moment, patients can get their tests done by calling a home service phlebotomist or do a self-managed sample collection. Both of them offer benefits which are discussed below:

Pros of Opting for Home Service Phlebotomist


Different labs offer  Blood Sample collection in Amritsar at home facility. When a patient is unable to visit labs, lab sends a phlebotomist to their house for collecting samples for tests. Patient makes an appointment through their site or phone number and the home service phlebotomist will visit their home at the planned time. The lab technician follows all the protocols for drawing samples to securely transporting them to the lab for generating test reports. Obtaining services of phlebotomist at home is best for patients who are aged, suffering from chronic conditions.


Wet Blood Collection: When patients choose home service phlebotomist, he/she will directly depict blood from their veins by using venepuncture. This traditional approach is best for collecting wet blood sample. It is applied when doctor has prescribed a inclusive blood panel.

Removes Need of Waiting: Patients can provide their sample in the comfort of their home and suitable time. This method removes the bother of waiting and contact to other diseases.

Flexible Timings: In-home phlebotomy services permit patients to list their appointment as per their expediency. This feature is mainly handy for residents at healthcare facilities as they have strict schedule to follow.

Eliminates Need of In-person Visits: Patients do not have to visit the lab, so it eliminates the need of using transport. Lab technician uses own transport vehicle to visit patients’ home.

Pros of Self-Managed Blood Sample collection

Quite recently, healthcare departments have initiated self-managed blood collection processes for patients. The most effectual technique available is VAMS method. It is principally volumetric absorptive micro-sampling. In this method, patient has to employ a finger-stick process to collect sample of one or two drops from fingertips. The resultant blood is absorbed on the device. This device is used in grouping with VAMS to provide precise blood sample for getting test results.

Final Verdict

Home service phlebotomist is the most accurate process. First of all lab technicians are highly trained and skilled individuals. They know all the storage and transport protocols. Also, they come equipped with all the essential tools for the security of your sample. Patients without having any knowledge of lab techniques are not apt for collecting their own blood. This procedure should be used as a last resort.


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