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Full Body Check up For Healthy Life on The Best Diagnosis Center

The best diagnostic center in Amritsar affords a wide-ranging extent for recognition of ailments and affords facilities for a complete medical check-up all the way through analytic procedures. Diagnostic service is necessary for providing an effective diagnosis of the disease suffered by the patient. it is essential to calculate the quantum of medicines to be delivered, itemize the extent of cure realized, and recognize the medical empathy of the patient to keep away from the wrong medicine resulting in the antagonistic effects. It helps to build up the capabilities of the medical procedure. There was a time when a stethoscope was the only diagnostic device in the hands of a medical physician. With the enhancement of scientific technology, added advanced diagnostic means have come into continued existence. In order to understand the goal of health, extra diagnostic clinics, doctors and hospitals have come into subsistence in each & every semi-urban and urban and rural centres. There is righteous scope for setting up new medical lab and modern diagnostic centres with all the most recent apparatus’s in dissimilar parts of the country.

It is in this point of view that progress of health care assumes the momentous importance. New experiments and new openings for spending in the health care i.e. in the hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centres etc. have ascended. Analytic centres have very good approaching in upcoming cities, and towns of the North East. Full-grown diagnostic centres will within your means comprehensive range of services. The series of services are stated below:



ECG, EEG Simple X-Ray


Special X-Ray

Pathological Tests


Bhakna lab started its operations in the year and has become the pioneer in the field of Pathology and Imaging. The voyage which started with a Lab and X-Ray machine in the beginning, has today reached a phase where MDRC today is in the top league in terms of the variety and excellence of diagnostic facilities, with the capability to carry out more than 2500 tests in house. Modern Diagnostic & Research Centre offers inclusive variety of diagnostic facilities in Radiology and High end Pathology. Our squad of devoted doctors all along with high end equipments enables us to solve the diagnostic quandary in complicated cases that we get in patients and samples from not only India but almost the whole world.

We have highly qualified doctors who bring with them the highest level of information and experience in their individual fields. The paramedical and support staff is highly skilled, well qualified and aggravated to bring the best experience to our patients and accomplish complete patient fulfillment. Modern Diagnostics has expanded the span of services by running diagnostic services autonomously as well as in hospitals in different cities and countries. Today, we have our trail across various countries with facilities in Nepal and soon to start process in other countries. We get the samples for processing from India, Nepal, CIS, African continent and rest of South Asia. We will soon expand our facility in more countries.


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